Thursday, January 04, 2007

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Err, Happy Merrynox! Doh. That's not right either. Holiyears Newmas Kwanza-Chana-Peruvian Llama Shedding Merry Days! Oh, I give up. I can't keep all these new joined-together, uber, all-encompassing holidays strait. I celebrate Christmas and the western New Year. So Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! And if you don't celebrate them, well, I hope you enjoyed the days off of work!

So I'ven been taking a bit of a break from the blogs and newsgroups and just kind of vegging out with movies in my free time. I highly recommend Shutter -- a really scary Thai movie in the "J-Horror" genre. Also, a South-Korean flick worth seeing if you're into psychological horror (think Session 9 and The Machinist) is A Tale of Two Sisters, which I very much enjoyed. Or if action and suspense is more your thing, you might check out Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance or Oldboy, the first and second films of the "Vengeance Triology" from writer/director Park Chan-Wook of South Korea. Good stuff.

And with that, I must note that most of the good cinema in the last 5-10 years is coming out of Asia. From Tony Jaa's Ong-Bak and The Protector, to Stephen Chow's A Chinese Oddysey (both parts), Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle. Even the more obscure films like Dream of a Warrior put most of the mainline Hollywood flicks to shame. This, of course, is only my inexpert oppinion. But, well, good job Asia! Keep it up!

So anyway. I'm back. And I'm very happy to see YARV land in the trunk! Python 2.5 is working well. GCC 4 doesn't break my machine now. God is in his place in Heaven, and all is right with the world. Yay.

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